MARQUETTE COUNTY — The colors of the trees are changing, the breeze is a little cooler and the smell of fallen leaves is in the air – which is a clear indication that fall and flu season are upon us. ABC 10’s Sarah Mac has more on how a local health department is trying to help you prevent the flu.

Ah, the fall is here…


The colds and flu’s that come with the fall are right on it’s heels…

Most people would say that the fall offers fun leisure activities, picturesque sights and as two SNL divas say “sweata weatha,” but it also offers more chances to get sick.

To try to help against the fall flu the Marquette County Health Department is offering flu vaccine clinics across the county through the end of the month.

Marquette County Health Department RN Julie Scott says, “The goal is to get as many people in the community vaccinated as possible. We want to make sure that everyone who wants to get vaccinated has the ability to do so.”

The clinics are offered every Wednesday afternoon at the health department in Negaunee from one to four.

Scott says that there was already one case of the flu that proved deadly this year, so the vaccine is still relevant and needed.

“We have seen healthy people,” Scott added, “young, healthy people die from the flu, so we do really recommend that everyone, whether you’ve ever had the flu or not, gets vaccinated.”

The health department is able to bill Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance companies, too. They also offer vaccines to uninsured children that are 18 or younger for $10 and uninsured adults for $30.

Other flu vaccine clinics this week are on Friday morning from 10 to 11 at the Negaunee Senior Center, and Friday afternoon from 1:30 to 2:30 at the Marquette Senior Center.

They are also offering a drive–thru clinic at the end of the month at the Forsyth Township Fire and EMS building.

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