Officials seeking information for vandalism to park

MARQUETTE TOWNSHIP — Marquette Township officials are working with the Marquette County Sheriff’s Office to continue to investigate an act of vandalism at the Lions Field Recreational Area.

The search for the individual or group responsible for the vandalism at the Lions Field Recreational Area continues.

“According to some folks in the area here, there was a fairly large gathering here at the park late Saturday night, early Sunday morning,” said Marquette Township Manager Randy Girard, “pretty loud, a lot of people and the result of that is what you can see behind me.”

The tire tracks destroyed a large portion of the grass that was grown just two months ago, negating part of a recently completed landscaping project that cost nearly $14,000. The sizable grass area will need to be completely reseeded.

In addition to the most recent act of destruction of property, Girard added that this isn’t the first time vandalism has occurred at the park.

“We’ve had some vandalism to the ball field behind me, the dugouts have been damaged, we’ve had some activity here at the brand new ice rink, restroom facility that we have out here by the kiddie park has been disrespected, so we want to end it. We want to bring it to an end. This is a park for the residents, it’s a park for visitors, it’s a park for anybody to come and use and we just ask that they respect it.”

At this time there are no leads, but a vehicle of interest is being investigated. If anyone as any information related to the incident, please call the Marquette Township Hall at 906–228–6220.

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