Vampire books help support blood drives

MINNESOTA — Authors across the country are partnering with an event based in the Mid–West and are coming together for charity.

October is upon us which means it’s the season for tales of ghosts, ghouls and vampires. Authors of vampire fiction across the U.S. and Canada are teaming up with an event called Vampire Books for Blood. Here’s how it works: all throughout the month of October, authors agree to donate part of their royalties from their vampire tales to their local chapter of the American Red Cross or Canadian Blood Services.

The event organizer and self–published author Scott Burtness says that when he first started the event and began considering different non–profits to partner with, the Red Cross just seemed to fit.

“I think it’s really easy to look at the Red Cross and it’s very easy to find people that have been very, personally touched by the work that they do. So that was, again,” Burtness added, “the big reason why, for a theme stand–point they fit really well with the event and also the work they do is tremendous.”

He says the event is cheeky, but meaningful.

Burtness says, “When I think of this event, I think it’s a way to help authors find new readers, help readers find new books that they love, and through that help support the life–saving work that the American Red Cross and Canadian Blood Services do everyday.”

Burtness added that the donations will help support the local branches with their blood drives, meeting supply needs, delivery, and to stay at the top in blood testing and research. Readers can still buy books from their favorite book store or on their e–reader to participate in the event.

For a full list of participating books, authors and film–makers click here.

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