MARQUETTE — It’s a great day for saving damsels in distress and leaping tall buildings in single bounds.

Friday is National Comic Book Day! Comics have been around since the nineteen–thirties, when Superman became popular. But, you don’t have to be a superhero fan to like comics.

“If you’re a person that likes stories, then you would also like comics, because they have all different sorts of stories. A lot of people think comics just means super heroes but that’s not true. superheroes are a big part of the comic dynamic, but it’s just all kinds of different stories. Historical even, sometimes, and sci–fi, which I love, fantasy…you’ve got comics for everything,” said Sam Towers, who owns Taiga Games in Marquette.

To celebrate the art form that is Comic Book writing, Taiga Games will be hosting a Halloween Comic Fest. Anyone who comes into the store will recieve a free, Halloween themed comic book. If you’d like to learn more follow this

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