MARQUETTE COUNTY — The celebration of Labor Day and the contribution American workers have made to the strength, prosperity and well–being of our county is one that should be celebrated everyday.

Nowadays, part-time jobs can be career paths. Many companies have stores all across the U.S.,  and they look at these employees to get them on the management track to eventually work as regional managers or one day as a corporate employee. Along with various retail and fast food job openings, Michigan has other  strong job opportunities.

“The Upper Peninsula always has a lot of opportunities in the skilled trade field. Those range from electricians to welders to steel metal workers, there is quite a lot of opportunity when it comes to skilled labor and construction. The healthcare industry also has a lot of employment opportunities from the hospital to the insurance agencies. Health Care is a big role in our country now so it has really opened up a lot of opportunities for job seekers and individuals looking for work,” said Talent Team Member, Lewis Strom, Michigan Works.

If you are not sure how to get stared in these labor or health care fields, drop by your local Michigan Works office.

“We do a lot of individualized based services. When you walk into the service center at Michigan works, we identify what are your needs as a job seeker. Whether that is building a resume, developing interview skills, having a cover letter. We always encourage that you tailor your resume specific to the job that you are applying to.” continued Strom.
The Michigan Works Talent Team also does mock interview sessions with job seekers. The Center is free for anyone to use and appointments are not needed.

You can find your local Michigan Works office by clicking here or by calling (800) 285-9675. The Marquette office is located at 1498 Odovero Drive, or you can call (906) 228-3075.


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