Students & teachers are excited to be back in school

ISHPEMING — Children are back in the school classrooms today.

Along with children, you will begin to see plenty of school buses on the roadways. We caught up with some students and teachers to find out what they are most excited about for the upcoming school year.

“I am really looking forward to the challenge, there is a lot of really good curriculum and it’s going to be really challenging and exciting. I think that we will all learn a lot, the students and myself,” says Jennifer Young, 5th grade teacher.
2nd grader, Karter Scherer had this to say, “When you are done doing what the teacher says you get to play games, dodge ball is my favorite, that’s the only game I remember.”

Along with new curriculums and games, some are actually looking forward to crunching some numbers.

“We have a whole new math series that we started last year. I am excited about diving into that and seeing how that goes,” said 4th grade teacher, Magan Lantagne.

Third grader, Isabelle Marta adds, “We did a little bit of multiplication in second grade so I think it will be a little bit easier.”

“Today is go time, we are excited and the kids are excited and we are ready for a great year,” adds Elementary School Principal, Chris Marana.

Aspen Ridge Elementary serves grades K thru 5, with approximately 575 students enrolled so far this year.

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