MARQUETTE — The City of Marquette is going through some big changes.

The Marquette City Commission accepted the resignation of Bill Vajda as city manager at a special meeting Tuesday evening. According to Mayor Mike Coyne, Vajda felt he had accomplished all that he had set out to during his time as city manager.

“I’m truly sad to lose our present city manager. He felt it was time to move on and he resigned. We have a very good acting city manager, who’s lived here all his life, who has a proven record of doing this previously and doing a great job,” said Coyne.

The interim replacement will be none other than Chief of Police Mike Angeli. Angeli has served as a temporary city manager on two other occasions.

“The staff here is great. They’re all very competent, very good people, and they all work very hard. I would not have agreed to do any of this if I didn’t think I could work with those people,” added Angeli.

Angeli expressed interest in remaining as city manager on a more permanent basis. The city is also looking into hiring a firm to find a replacement.

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