U.P. college students learn about high-demand fields

HOUGHTON — To help bring them together, the university has launched Career FEST, beginning with Foundry Day today on campus. Career FEST is an enhancement of Tech’s biannual Career Fairs, providing additional opportunities for students to speak with recruiters.

Career Development and Corporate Event Promotions Coordinator Shelley Farrey said, “The company reps want to meet you and they want to know all about our students. So we teach them, or advise them, to go up and shake hands and take that time to meet the reps. They’re the one who have the power to give you a job.”

Six different companies were represented at today’s event, which benefits them as well as the students.

Associate Director for Employer Relations Jim Desrochers said, “What we found was that the companies enjoyed the informal interaction of having a student coming between classes, talking to them, meeting them. And, really with the job market the way it is for our current graduates, it’s the networking. They want to choose and they want to decide what types of people they’ll work with, the types of jobs they can get.”

Foundry Day is part of Industry Day, which will also feature days in the Energy, Steel, and Automotive fields.

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