New jerseys donated to U.P. girls basketball team

ISHPEMING — A U.P. girls basketball team is getting a set of brand new jerseys thanks to a donation from a local credit union.

Honor Credit Union is picking up the thirty–four hundred dollar tab for new basketball jerseys for the Ishpeming girls varsity team. New Hematites head coach Ryan Reichel wanted to have jerseys that read ‘Hematites’ on the front, instead of ‘Lady Hematites. Thanks to Honor Credit Union, Reichel’s wish for new jerseys has been granted.

“Those girls are Hematites. They represent the school just as good as anybody else,” said Reichel. “To have the opportunity to get them back to being as Ishpeming Hematites is a great honor from Honor Credit Union. Having a business like that come in and to donate to the schools and the kids really shows their investment in the future of our own students.”

“A credit union is membership owned,” said Jamie Gollakner, Branch Manager at Honor Credit Union at Negaunee. “We want to give back to our members. It’s a great opportunity to work in the community of Ishpeming. This is only the beginning.”

Honor Credit Union will also be involved at Ishpeming basketball games, helping run the concession stands as well as special halftime events.

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