MARQUETTE — One local art museum is celebrating forty-years of collecting.

The DeVos Art Museum in the heart of NMU’s campus is featuring pieces from their permanent collection. Their collection includes Native American art and artifacts, Japanese art and artifacts, 20th century pieces and so much more. There are even recently acquired pieces in the collection from one local, historic figure and his protégé.

Curator of Collections and Outreach, Emily Lanctot says, “Some of the other great things that are on display: Frank Lloyd Wright. We just recently acquired a portfolio of lithographs that depict some of his earliest renderings. So it’s really exciting to see that work up, and that work in conjunction with one of his students John Lautner, who is really well known for his great architecture.”

The museum also allows students of all ages use the space for learning environment and host events – and it’s members from the community that make it happen.

“We have a great membership program,” added Lanctot, “Our membership program really allows us to do a lot of educational outreach and it allows us to take care of the objects in our collection, like conservation projects and restoration projects.”

For more information about membership and other events click here.

Correction: According to Scholar and Author Gary Arseneau, “Frank Lloyd Wright’s so-called Wasmuth Portfolio of Lithographs actually consists of non-disclosed reproductions of drawings that were in part drawn by others. Lithographs are original works of visual art wholly executed by hand by the artist and would never by trivialized as reproductions of drawings.”

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