MARQUETTE — Riders from all over the state made their way up to the Harley Davidson shop and Holiday Inn in Marquette for the 2015 Hog Rally.

The Hog Rally features bike games, bike shows, self–guided and guided rides, parties with bands and everything else a biker could ask for.

“We are just people out enjoying our motorcycles, enjoying Harley Davidson, and just putting as many miles as we can on the highway and having fun,” said Local Chapter Safety Officer Harvey Scherer.

The parade of Harley’s will take place at the Northern Michigan University Superior Dome at six thirty on Saturday. The guided tours will ride through Grand Marais, Copper Harbor, Big Bay and around Marquette to show off what the U.P. has to offer.

“I just love meeting all of the people, being around the bikes, going out with new people riding, looking at what the U.P. has to offer,” added Scherer, “showing people from downstate that, we have some pretty great riding up here and trying to get them to come back every summer.”

Signs that say ‘Look twice, save a life’ and ‘Motorcycles are everywhere’, are spread out along the roadways to remind drivers to be aware of motorcyclists on the road. The rally is in town through Saturday.