HEMATITE TOWNSHIP — A school bus headed for salvage was the catalyst for a serious injury in an accident in Iron County Monday evening.

Deputies from the Iron County Sheriff’s Office say they were dispatched to the scene on US-141 in Hematite Township shortly before 6:00 p.m. A family of three was headed northbound on the highway near Correl Road when they met the wrecker which was towing the bus. As the two vehicles approached one another, the drive shaft on the bus fell apart, sending debris into the passenger-side of the northbound vehicle’s windshield.

The female passenger was hit in the right shoulder and face by the bus’s u-joint, which then landed on the driver’s floor. She was airlifted to Wausau, Wisconsin for treatment. Police say she is in stable but serious condition. The driver and a passenger in the back seat were not injured.

Police say the driver of the struck vehicle was unaware of what had happened and assumed something had fallen off a logging truck. The wrecker driver told police that he “heard something detonate” as he came down a hill north of Amasa.

The accident scene was processed by the Michigan State Police. The incident remains under investigation.