MARQUETTE — One local shop’s patron is $1 million dollars richer.

A lucky Michigan State Lotto player matched five white balls in Friday’s drawing. The player purchased the $1 – Mega Millions ticket at Kassel’s Korner in Negaunee on US–41, which is one of the states 11,000 retailers. At first the manager couldn’t believe the news.

Kassel’s Korner – Negaunee Manager, Joseph Kassel, says, “They’ve been coming in, having their tickets swiped, you know they’re all hoping the million dollars is theirs. The first few people I thought were just joking with me, like it can’t be real, after about the fifth person coming in, wanting to see if they won a million dollars, I’m like, I got to look into this.”

Kassel says he hopes the winner is a local regular. The family chain has sold winning tickets to customers before, but his is the first time Kassel’s has had a million–dollar winner.

“Let’s see, this would be for my sister,” Kassel added, “I guess we figured out which Kassel’s is the best Kassel’s. That’s an ongoing argument.”

But that debate, like the lottery, is all in good fun. The player was one white ball away from the Jackpot. The Kassel’s customer will have to travel to Lansing to claim their prize.