MARQUETTE — With all the people lined up out side of Lakeview Arena in Marquette today, you might have thought Guns’N’Roses were having a come–back tour.

Guess again, everyone. This crowd of thousands were waiting in line to register for the Ore to Shore bike race. Even the wet weather couldn’t stop them from gearing up for their favorite sport.

“The course is in excellent condition. There are a couple new challenges out there. But, this rain actually will help a lot, it’ll firm up a lot of the sand,” said Nicole Dewald, the race coordinator for the event.

Race participants weren’t the only people in attendance. Bike shops from around the area also came to show off their new rides and give tips to racers. But, the race has some historical significance too.

“With the Ore to Shore name it’s quite fun because we start up in Ishpeming and Negaunee where iron ore mining basically was birthed and we head all the way down to the shores of lake superior,” added Dewald.

The Ore to Shore Race is put on by UP Health System and 2500 participants are expected to race.