Amy Yakima, shows moves to students at the Blueberry Dance Festival

MARQUETTE — So you think you can dance? Well, it’s time to prove it….

Winner of season 10, “So You Think You Can Dance” Amy Yakima is in Marquette teaching moves to the kids participating in the Blueberry Dance Festival. Poise, perfection, form and timing are things Amy says makes a good dancer. But along with that… passion for dance tops everything and can make you great.

“Love, anger, the feelings that we have, if you can’t dance with those emotions have that driving you, there is really no point. That is the stuff that I want to be watching, somebody going through something and be being able to watch it and go through it with them,” says Amy Yakima, So You Think You Can Dance” season 10 winner.

And of course, the kids were excited to be learning from such a phenomenal dancer.

Student dancer, Donavan Chambers says, “The teaching from Amy is just amazing and it’s always nice to get a new experience once in a while.”

“I take a lot of master classes and her style is so different and she has helped us a lot especially with improv and it’s just been such a great experience,” says student dancer Miranda Shaughnessy, from St. Paul Minnesota. ”

The Blueberry Dance Festival Competition Finals will be held tonight at 7:00PM at the Kaufman Auditorium in Marquette.