MARQUETTE — According to co–owners Steve Tasson and Kevin Swanson, construction for the new Dairy Queen in Marquette has gone exceedingly well.

The wait is almost over and construction is nearly complete. It’s expected to be less than a month before Dairy Queen opens their doors for business. At this time a tentative opening date is scheduled for Tuesday, August 25th thanks to highly efficient construction work.

“We’re really happy with the progress,” said Co-Owner Kevin Swanson, “Gundlach Champion has done a really good job and we’ve hired many different local sub–contractors as well. Everything is coming together.”

As the construction finishes up with the final touches, the vast majority of the cooking and dining equipment is expected to be delivered this Friday.

“There’s going to be about two semi–loads of equipment showing up so I’ll get really excited when we see that show up on site,” said Operator Owner Steve Tasson, “all of our signs will be coming up next week on the building so people will really be able to tell that we’re here.”

The Ishpeming native co–owners have already hired their managers and held a job fair Wednesday to begin filling up the 70 other positions that are available. After years of planning and preparation, it’s almost time for the next chapter for Swanson and Tasson.

“It’s neat to see this thing grow from what we started on pencil and paper basically come to life,” added Tasson, “it’s a little overwhelming at times, but I’m really excited.”

“It’s just wonderful to actually see it come to fruition from an idea to an actual structure,” concluded Swanson, “we’re really excited about the future.”

The owners confirmed that the restaurant will be open year–round with a full menu offering items from blizzards to burgers and everything in–between.