Instruments needed for Gwinn’s kids’ music program

GWINN — Kids in Gwinn are looking to beat a drum of their own.

A new music club is gaining in popularity at the Gwinn Community Center. The club is growing but they are lacking instruments and need your help to give local kids a chance to learns and explore from the sounds of music.

“They truly enjoy participating and learning more about m usic and learning more about themselves through music. This is a very interactive club, it’s not just me standing in front of them just lecturing about music. We play games, we draw, there is so many different facets to it that it appeals to a large group of children, both age wise and demographic wise as well” said Librarian Emily Bianchi Mayer.

Music club is held six day a week and is open to kids of all ages. They club is accepting a wide variety of instruments; woodwind, brass, string, percussion, non–traditional and cultural; And they don’t have to be in tip–top shape.

Bianch Mayer added, “I do have the ability to do repairs here at the center to a certain extent so I won’t turn anyone away. I will analyze every instrument to make sure it is in working capacity.”

You can drop off new or used instrument at one of three locations, 1) the Gwinn Community Center, 2) the Peter White Public Library in Marquette or at 3) the Forsyth Senior Center inside the Gwinn Club House.