MARQUETTE — Marquette has a beautiful downtown area, but today, it’s looking a little sadder.

Phil Niemisto, washes windows for businesses in Downtown Marquette, and is a well recognized sight. The pocket garden next to the Wild Rover is another of Niemisto’s projects. He works hard at planting the flowers every year, and maintaining the beds. Wednesday night the park was vandalized when an unknown person trampled the flowers.

“I thought it was horrible! I really think it’s really sad because I know he was talking to us about how he raised a lot of money to get those flowers and get donations from people because those aren’t flowers from the city or anything like that,” said Alex Larsen, who plays volleyball for Northern.

“It makes me sick to my stomach that people don’t have enough forethought to really consider how much time and effort and energy that people have put into beautifying the city and making it a nice park for people and I think its unfortunate that people are so inconsiderate,” added Jess Shull, who owns Boomerang Retro & Relics.

If you’d like to donate to help repair the damage, you can mail or drop off any donations at the Marquette Downtown Development Authority Office at 203 S. Front St. Suite 1-B.