Officials say that dogs can find long car rides stressful because of new sights and sounds, and because it’s not part of their routine, but there are a few ways to make summer road trips easier on your dog.

For some, summer means getting out on the open road.

According to Big Heart Pet Brands, 88 percent of travelers will opt for taking the car instead of a flight. So to help with your road trip, the pet company made an easy list to follow to make Rover feel relaxed and at ease on the road.

Each road trip tip mainly deals with making sure your pooch makes positive associations with car rides.

Tip one: take a joy ride–go someplace fun like a park.

Tip two: Make crate time, treat time– do some test crating at home before the trip and reward your pet with their favorite treat.

Community outreach Coordinator at U–PAWS, Ann Brownell says to make sure your crate is the right size for safety and comfort.

Tip three: Pamper your pup– when they show signs of stress give them a little belly rub or scratch.

Communications manager for Big Heart Pet Brands Jesse Vasquez says there are two tell–tale signs your dog may be stressed in the car.

“If you see your dog yawning a lot that typically doesn’t mean that they’re very tired, it actually means that they’re stressed,” Vasquez added, “or if you see the dog flipping their tongue to the tip of their nose a lot. Sometimes people think, ‘Oh they’re hungry,’ or something, but both of those two things generally mean that they are stressing out.”

Tip four: Bring “home” with you–make sure they have some of their favorite items with them.

Finally, tip five: spoil them silly.

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