PRINCETON — A local non–profit housing organization uses a self–help building model to construct their homes. Sarah Mac shows us the site of a future home and the progress that the community is making.

According to it’s executive director, Habitat for Humanity is a local non–profit that is in the business of building and providing homes to low–income families. Since 1993 the Marquette Habitat for Humanity has built 95 homes here in the Upper Peninsula. They will be building four this year and will be completed by October, making 99 homes completed before the end of 2015. Families need only meet a minimum criteria for approval. They have to make an income and have a decent credit score, they have to need a house and they must be willing to help construct the house. Each of these requirements assist in granting the families affordable mortgages, since the homes are energy and cost efficient.

Future homeowners like Matt help build the homes along with volunteers.

Future home owner Matt Iery says, “Every part of it is rewarding. Seeing the families working together all towards the same goal, all towards bettering there community as well as themselves with the help of Habitat for Humanity.

Matt says that the experience offers a new perspective for everyone involved.

“It’s given me a different look after seeing some of the folks that come out and spend their own time and come out here for a week. We just had a group come in and there were kids and adults as well, all spending their time to help us, and that really changed my look at it. See now I know, when I’m older and I have more time, I’ll be putting it with habitat.”

Habitat already has plans for next year and is asking the community to get involved.

Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity Michael Shimon says, “We plan to build four houses next year in 2016, and we still have a need for one or two more families.”

Habitat welcomes groups and other organizations to come out together for group volunteering. The four families already know which homes are theirs and will be able to move in once all four homes are completed.

For more information about Marquette County Habitat for Humanity click here.