ISHPEMING — Today is considered to be a national holiday for food connoisseurs everywhere, especially for people like Homer Simpson. Today is National Donut Day.

Management at the Huron Mountain Bakery in Ishpeming told ABC 10 that they were busier than usual all morning long. The staff at the bakery was more than prepared with extra baked goods to satisfy their customers.

A lot of preparation goes on behind the scenes to make sure that National Donut Day goes off without a hitch.

“We have to figure out new numbers to make sure that we’re going to have enough donuts for National Donut Day and also predict how much we’re going to make for National Donut Day, but also weather wise,” said Rachel Freeman, a Production Manager at Huron Mountain Bakery.

“The most popular donut by far is the Boston Crème, which is a Bavarian filled donut with chocolate on top. Right after that is most likely the Chocolate Ice Cake, which is a vanilla cake donut with chocolate frosting.”

National Donut Day is always the first Friday every June.