MARQUETTE — A new art studio and gallery has already began making an impact in Marquette County.

The White Pine Studio and Gallery located on 3rd Street in Marquette offers local ceramicists and woodworkers a venue to create, display, and sell their work. Classes are offered weekly for anyone interested from beginners to seasoned experts. Owner Trevor Belmonte is experienced with woodworking including his popular hand-crafted kayaks, and his wife Megan earned a bachelor’s degree in ceramics. Trevor and Megan recently moved to Marquette and are excited with how things are going so far.

“We found it really difficult to find somewhere where we could find a place to work without having all the equipment,” said White Pine Studio and Gallery Owner Trevor Belmonte, “so we wanted to start this to supplement an area for people to produce work, show work not only for ceramics, but on the woodworking side as well.”

At this time White Pine is accepting artwork for their ‘Blues on the Bayou’ event they will be hosting that will honor the late B.B. King by featuring artists that has work inspired by music. The exhibition will be held at the White Pine Studio and Gallery on June 20th.

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