Physical evidence shown to jury in Batchelor murder trial

ESCANABA — After five days of witness testimony and more than 150 pieces of evidence, the prosecution and defense both came to a rest in the first degree murder trial of Kallay Batchelor.

Detective Sargent Anything LaPlant began the day on the stand. He testified that Batchelor’s story about what happened to his wife Heather on Sept. 3, 2014, changed five times since he was arrested.

The prosecution showed the jury physical evidence from the crime scene, including the knife that was found in Heather’s throat. John Weiss, a pathologist with 37-years of experience, performed Heather’s autopsy. In his opinion, Wiess determined Heather’s death to be a homicide.

“Because of my experience in the field, the gross appearance of the trauma and the fact that it would be extremely difficult to do this on a self-inflicted basis where it’s extremely unlikely, I came to the conclusion that it was most likely a homicide,” said Weiss.

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