Student honored for role in ‘Youth in Government’

ISHPEMING — The Ishpeming City Council held a meeting tonight. Several important things were on the agenda.

One of the first items to be discussed was the ‘Youth in Government’ program. Ishpeming High School student Dominic Bertucci was honored for his role. He’s one of only two students to be chosen from the U.P. in around 60 years. He’ll be headed to Lansing very soon.

“During our week in Lansing, we take over the capital building, students from every corner of the state, and we take over the chambers, debate issues and express our ideas that we hold strongly,” said Bertucci.

The other big ticket item was discussion of the SAW grant. SAW stands for Storm Water, Asset Management and Waste Water.

“In trying to get ready for this Water Improvement Project we want to do some assessment of some of the sewers. Because, we don’t want to dig up a street, replace the water and then find out, gee, the sewer is in bad shape, we need to tear that street back up again and replace the sewer,” said City Manager Mark Slown.

The SAW grant will allow the city to take a look at both the water and sewer mains before any construction begins. GEI Consultants offered a proposal for the project. The city is still waiting to hear back on the grant.