Kids read to local university group

MARQUETTE — Normally adults read to kids during school, but this time, it was the other way around. On Wednesday, kids were able to show off their creative writing skills for an audience.

The Marquette-Alger Young Authors program was designed to promote literacy and authorship in the community. A group of Northern Michigan University’s athletes were able to get a first hand glimpse at a book that one young author in the program decided to share with them.

“It’s neat for the athletes to come and see what the kids are doing in our area. The different things that they are interested in and what they are writing about and what they are doing in school,” said Young Authors Co-Director Andrea Kleinpaste. “They [ the athletes ] are here for their sport and for college but they are also a part of our community so it’s important for them to see what’s going on in the area with the kids too.”

Being an active part of the community is important to the athletes and some of them enjoyed listening to the stories just as much as the kids enjoyed reading to them.

“Coming to listen to the kids read and they are excited about it, it makes me excited to come and listen,” said Terry Nash, NMU Basketball player.

“I came up with the story because I love to do gymnastics, it’s my favorite sport and I’ve been doing it for a really long time,” said 3rd grader Petra Frazier.

The program runs for a few more weeks and a list of more Young Authors events is available Young Authors