ISHPEMING — The Upper Peninsula Substance Enforcement Team was called to Ishpeming at 2 p.m. Thursday to cleanup several one–pot meth labs.

Ishpeming Police Chief Dan Willey told ABC 10 News that he just happened to be driving near the dump-sites, about a half–mile behind U.P. Health System Bell near Deer Lake Road and Carson Road.

The Ishpeming Police department discovered three one–pot meth labs, two HCL generators, and several other components that are used to make meth, dangerously close to the city’s water wells.

“It’s a concern because one of the HCL Generators we found floating in melted water next to the well,” said Ishpeming Police Chief Dan Willey. “That water is going to go into our water and go into our wells. It’s a concern that we’re finding one–pots and other chemicals that they make meth with. It could be a real problem.”

UPSET Detectives carefully removed and disposed all of the meth making materials. No arrests have been made in connection with this case.