MARQUETTE — The Marquette Smart Zone continues to show progress, through listing an official name.

Innovation Marquette Enterprise Corporation or IMEC is the formal name of the group. While positive changes are being made, the mission of the Smart Zone remains the same. Members of the committee are happy with their progress so far and the potential that Marquette holds.

“This area is just ripe with great ideas and hard working people, and the challenges sometimes that they’ve had in the past have been to find financial resources, to find the right mentors,” said chair of the Smart Zone ad-hoc committee Fred Taccolini, “our objective is to be able to partner interested parties with those types of resources. So we’re working hard with different angel investor networks, as well as the university, places that have people ready to assist easily.”

As time goes on, more and more progress is being made. There is a lot of growing excitement for good reason.

“We’re thrilled with where we are right now, we will be launching this officially by the fourth quarter of this year. In the meantime there’s a lot going on behind the scenes.”

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