“Porcupine Mountain” for best state park – vote now

ONTONAGON — Porcupine Mountain State Park holds the title of one of the top 10 state parks in the country.

They are running neck and neck for best overall state park against a park in New York. Unless you want a New York State Park to win “THE” Best State park over the U.P., Porcupine Mountain officials are asking for your support in voting them as the #1 state park in the United States.

Locally known for it’s popular yearly music fest, year round activities and award winning hiking trails; Porcupine Mountain Wilderness State Park has 60,000 acres of public land that rises one thousand feet above the lake superior shoreline. They have trees up to 300 years old with more than 300,000 visitors each year. They are in the running for USA Todays’ title of Best State Park in the U.S.

“The virgin timber is unforgettable, the towering giants of hemlock and white pine towering over waterfalls on rivers and streams that circle the park is what most of our visitors comment about continually, it is unparalled Letchworth State Park out of New York has been our contender for the number one spot and as of this morning we are back in second place so we are asking the public, if you love the Porkies, vote, vote, vote,” said Park Admistrator, Sandra Richardson, Porcupine National State Park.

Voting ends Monday at 11:59 a.m. You can vote every day. You can cast your vote at www.10best.com.