There’s an app for that…and now there’s even an App for M.A.P.S.

Marquette Area Public Schools are in the process of launching their very own app. The school board has decided that having a school app gives them an opportunity to connect with students, parents and teachers in real time. As well as it being an efficient way to communicate during non school days and after hours.

“A unique piece is called school messenger where parents and community members can input their information and text, email and phone number and they will be able to get instant push notifications on what is going on here at M.A.P.S. If we had like a snow day they could get that information by phone call, text or even by email so it’s a great, great tool,” said Bill Saunders, School Superintendent, M.A.P.S.

The app is currently being tested to work out any kinks and an official launch should happen within the next couple of weeks.