Dance team shakes it out for spring fundraiser

MARQUETTE — It’s not just another half time show.

The Marquette Senior High School dance team put on their annual spring fundraiser Monday night. Community members poured into the gymnasium purchasing tickets, entering raffles and supporting the area high school dance team. They perform all of their dances from the school year to put on the show of the season. Other dance organizations in the area also shake a pom pom or two to help out.

“We use the money to go to competitions, to go to summer camp and to buy costumes and different things for the team that benefit the team. We have our junior varsity team for the high school our senior varsity team for the high school and then other dance teams from the U.P. and dance studios from the U.P.,” said Jessica Aho, dance teacher and coach at Marquette Senior High School.

You can still help out by purchasing their DVD. The team has been doing this spring fundraiser for more than 15 years and are hoping to raise at least two thousand dollars.