CALUMET — No matter what the score everyone wins when the local police face off against the firefighters in the annual Pigs–N–Heat Hockey Game.

The game will be played Saturday at 7 p.m. at the Calumet Coliseum.

For the police and fire departments in the Copper Country this is a special event for them as well as for the community.

Houghton City Police Department’s so–called “Secret Weapon”, Lieutenant Nick Roberts said, “It give us an opportunity to give back in a positive way. People can see us in a different light and realize that we’re humans also and that we do care about the community.”

Money raised goes toward the Pigs–N–Heat fund which supports victims of fires and crime in the Copper Country.

Lt. Roberts said, “The money goes towards fire victims and crime victims. We raised, I think we gave out approximately $7,000 this year to fire victims.”

Additional fundraisers will be held during the game including a raffle with a grand prize of a side–by–side.

Tickets for both the raffle and the game can be purchased from any police officer or firefighter in the area or you can get them from the Houghton City Police Department or the Houghton County Sheriff’s Department and additional tickets will be sold at the door.

Lt. Roberts added,”I have one more message: B–Team Fire…Be afraid!”