Gamers are up, up, down, left, square, up, down for spring break

MARQUETTE — Spring break may make you think of tropical destinations and laying by the pool.

But a group of Northern students have a different idea.

Friday marks the beginning of Push Button, Receive Combo’s Northern Fights Six tournament. It’s a three day competition involving games like Ultra Street Fighter Four and Super Smash Bros. WiiU.

The annual tournament is a spring break tradition.

“For the past years we’ve usually had it around the end of spring break so that people coming back, they don’t have to worry about schoolwork or anything like that. They can just come and enjoy the last few days of their spring break playing games,” said Joseph Hinman, the President of PBRC.

There are cash prizes at stake: the first, second and third place winners will take home 60, 30 and 10% of the pot, respectively.

In addition, the games will be streamed online throughout the tournament.

There are three separate cameras for the commentators, the players and the room as a whole.

It may seem intense, but Hinman said it’s actually a lot of fun.

“Probably my favorite part for the club is just hanging out with my friends and playing games with them. Learning from each other, getting better, getting good and for the tournaments, just having fun,” Hinman added.

You can watch the tournament online at

Entering one game costs $3, and entering every game in the tournament costs $10.

The tournament ends Sunday at 10 p.m.