ISHPEMING — The Ishpeming city council had a full agenda Wednesday night at their monthly meeting. At the top of that program was honoring some important firefighters that were retiring from service.

Retiring and honored were Craig Walt with 20 years of service, Robert Delongchamp, at 21 years, and Mike Harnett, after contributing 30 years of service. They all received a certificate along with a round of applause and a standing ovation from the council members and the community.

The meeting continued on with grant discussions on energy savings and the next step in completing renovations at the Carnegie Library. The council also discussed a number of job openings.

“The current utility billing clerk who is the deputy clerk, she announced that she is retiring after 30 years of service and a librarian left so we have to fill that position as well,” said Mark Slown, City Manager.

The city council is aiming to bring in a new deputy clerk treasurer, rental inspector and part–time library clerk.