MAPS discusses alcohol allowance for adult events

MARQUETTE — While it is currently disallowed, alcohol may one day be permitted for consumption on school property for certain adult events. That was a topic of discussion at today’s MAPS executive committee meeting.

The conversation focused on the requests from local community members to use Kaufman auditorium and the community room for events like class reunions. Some of the committee members acknowledge both the pros and cons of allowing alcohol on the school premises.

“We’re starting to just engage in those conversations. Do we stick with our policy? Do we want to review the policy? Are there potentially any exceptions to what that school policy is? And so that was the basis of the conversation today,” Saunders said.

One of the main concerns was the image it would convey to students, as the requests for these events have been coming in all year.

“We want to be role models for our students and is that truly the school district being the proper role model or is there conflict necessary there?,” said Saunders.

No action was taken at the meeting but the topic may come up in a future survey to community members.