Ishpeming High School offers scholarships for seniors

ISHPEMING — While it may not look it outside, spring is surely approaching.

And with spring brings high school graduations. That’s why Ishpeming High School is offering nearly 30 scholarships for its graduating seniors. The awards range in size all the way up to $6000. In total, Ishpeming seniors will walk away with about a quarter million in scholarship money.

“Our almuni group is fantastic. The people that give back here, I’ve never seen anything like it in my career. So, the kids here are supported in a way that most aren’t,” said John Summerhill, the superintendent at Ishpeming High School.

With a college education becoming more and more expensive, even the smallest scholarship can help students take the next step. Many of the scholarships are even renewable year after year, which gives students a little extra incentive.

“When you’ve prepared them for the next step, whatever that happens to be it’s a neat thing. And when you can send them off and they can see the hard work is paying off and they’re earning something back. In school it’s tough to see that until you’re older, It takes a long time to earn that. So when they can earn this scholarship or an offer or they’ve been accepted into a college, it’s just neat to watch that,” Summerhill added.

Most of the scholarships require that students demonstrate academic excellence, good character and involvement outside of the classroom. The deadline to apply is May 1st.

You can find a list of scholarships available here.