Science and technology improvements for M.A.P.S.

MARQUETTE — Technology is making it’s way into the classrooms in the M.A.P.S. system. Thanks to some grants given to teachers, students are able to advance in the world of science and technology.

At tonight’s school board meeting in Marquette, high school teachers updated the board on some recent grant money they received. They say the money will be used to purchase equipment that the students will use to help them advance in the area of science and technology as well as open up limitless opportunities.

“This grant went to purchase some lab equipment that will help with digital data collection in all of our science classes,” said teacher Rachel Pomeroy, Marquette High School. “This is technology that we have already implemented, we have seven devices as part of our current fleet and the grant added two more so that really allows for group sizes to decrease so that every kid in the classroom has a hand in the projects that we do.”

“Also using some advance video editing software with our Go–Pro cameras. I am looking forward to showcasing some student works using video in our science department,” added Becky Simmons.

The grants were from the Marquette Area Public Schools Education Foundation.