ISHPEMING — Here at ABC10, we bring you the news every day and we know that it’s job that can be fraught with challenges. But even with all the challenges that putting on a newscast has, there’s one group that’s bravely making their appearance in the world of broadcasting.

Ishpeming High School recently started up their own news broadcast, which they call “INews.” It’s part of a class called Business Communications, taught by Scott Syrjala. Syrjala’s students are in control of every aspect of the show, from coming up with story ideas, to conducting interviews to shooting and editing video. They’ve only completed a couple of productions so far, but they’ve been successful.

“I’d love to take credit but I can’t. I have an absolutely wonderful group of students that take ownership of this program that are very, very professional, that are juniors, seniors, and sophomores that take it very seriously,” said Syrjala, who is the Business Education Instructor at the high school.

Syrjala has a more limited background when it comes to broadcasting, so the students aren’t the only ones learning. As they’ve gotten further into the school year, the class has gained more and more experience, and have become a close–knit team, with Syrjala as the captain.

“He’s more of a friend than a teacher honestly, but he teaches us just the same, and we teach him as well,” said Dylan Giuchin, a senior in the class.

Syrjala says the administration and faculty have been very supportive of the new program, even allowing students to miss class or leave school to report on important stories. A few students were even allowed to take a half day so they could attend the Suicide Hill Ski Jumping tournament. Experiences like these show the class that producing a news broadcast is hard work. Students often come in early to help set up for the show, or stay late after school to meet deadlines. But, it all seems to be worth it.

“My favorite part of the class is going out and talking to people. I really love interviewing people, which I know most people dread, but its really fun, especially when you meet someone that you wouldn’t normally talk to and you get to ask them a bunch of questions and find stuff out,” said Kaylee Ronn, who is also a senior in the class.

Syrjala hopes that in the future, he’ll have more interested students and a more professional studio. I News airs on Channel 19 Monday through Friday at 10:30, 12:30, and 2:30. You can also catch it on Charter’s channel 188 on Tuesdays at 5 and Thursdays at 6:30