ESCANABA — Escanaba is still plagued with a few power outage issues and are asking everyone to conserve energy after the power plant caught fire on Monday.

At a “Managers Call” meeting tonight city leaders said there is enough power to end the rolling black outs but not much more. They are currently investigating to find out exactly what happened and what needs to be fixed.

“We found that our number two transformer has failed, our number one appears to be good as well as our specialty transformer, we check that out and it appears to be good. We are checking on the other equipment in the substation,” said Mike Furmanski, Electrical Superintendent, Escanaba.

Escanaba City Manager, Jim O’Toole says,”We will be moving forward with a design towards a permanent solution as rapidly as can be done and get back to business as usual.”

City officials are asking all residents and business owners to conserve energy until further notice.