Marquette’s Open House welcomes all

MARQUETTE – Marquette opened its doors today to the Upper Peninsula with an Open House.

It was their annual open house and county residents turned out in full force. Usually there are lines you don’t cross when it comes to police, fire, city officials and heads of organizations, but today the city of Marquette held its arms wide open and welcomed residents to get to know them.

“I have a passion for Marquette, working with the Visitors Bureau in Marquette, it’s events like this that shows how special Marquette is. We are a really small place and we have a lot to offer all season long so it’s a great place to be,” said Barry Winslow, P.R. Director, Marquette Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Sergeant Ryan Grim from the Marquette City Police adds,”It’s a good way for them to come meet us and realize that we are approachable. It opens up the communication and if they have any questions for us, we can answer them. We like to show off some of our equipment and we have our statistics showing people what we did for the past year.”

Being named as a global best place to visit Marquette leaders were proud to tout all the area has to offer. The open house educated, informed and enlightened everyone on the upcoming concerts, winter activities and summer festivals that are on the way. And for the animal lovers, K–9 officers never disappoint a crowd.