LSCP shows support for road commission, presents awards

MARQUETTE — One of the first orders of business at the Lake Superior Community Partnership’s annual meeting Wednesday morning was the passing of a resolution supporting the Marquette County Road Commission’s suit against the EPA regarding the County Road 595 project.

“[The] County Road 595 project has been something we’ve supported since day one. We think it’s really important from an environmental standpoint, from a safety standpoint, and of course from an economic development standpoint,” said LSCP CEO Amy Clickner.

Attraction of new business was one of the reasons cited for the support.

“Any time you’re able to create a route that is safe, that actually is more efficient, that impacts a company’s bottom line in a positive way,” Clickner added, “but we also want to be able to have truck route options that are varied and that are consistent within our community, because if we’re trying to attract someone, we want to be able to tell them that this is a certainty and it’s not going to change.”

The LSCP also presented this year’s Plus One awards in conjunction with Michigan Works!

“We often recognize companies when they add 30, 50, 100 jobs, so this is just a great opportunity to recognize those businesses that maybe added one or two jobs this year, because that really, really does have a great impact on our area and our county,” said Betsy Morais, LSCP’s director of marketing and communications.

The awards were given out to 38 Marquette County businesses ranging from breweries to banks.

“I think growth is something that’s very positive to highlight, especially in our community,” added Christian Palomaki, market manager at River Valley Bank, which was one of this year’s award winners. “We want to see growth, we want to see new jobs created. We want to retain our young people in our community that graduate from NMU.”

The LSCP also presented their year’s highlights, such as the average $87,000 investment into the community from each client they served.