Forsyth welcomes new Police Chief

FORSYTH TOWNSHIP — There’s a new police chief in town in Forsyth Township.

He’s been on the job two weeks and being welcomed by the community tonight. With hugs and handshakes, Forsyth Township welcomed its new Chief of Police, Gordie Warchock. Residents came out to talk with the new chief and learn about him and his plans. Warchock has 26 years of law enforcement experience and is looking forward to putting those skills to use.

“I am just looking forward to doing the things I always liked about police work; doing investigations, helping people, working on good cases and helping the community. The Forsyth Township community is experiencing the same problems that I saw while working at Marquette. There are a good amount of calls here so our officers are very busy,” said Gordie Warchock, Forsyth Police Chief.

Warchock is working with a team of eight sworn-in officers. His current contract is for one year. Warchock recently retired from the Marquette Police Department where he served for 25 years including work as a detective and captain.