ISHPEMING — More change in store for Ishpeming as the Magnuson Inn opens.

There was a ribbon cutting ceremony today and CW 5’s Mikenzie Frost was there for the grand re–opening of a popular tourist favorite.  Some things are going to stay the same, but customers can expect to see just the right amount of changes. Formerly known as Best Western, the newly rebranded Magnuson Inn officially opened it’s doors.

The new name means new possibilities and some upgrades for the rooms. New refrigerators and microwaves have been added with more changes on the way.

“We view Magnuson as an up and coming franchise and it reminds us of how Best Western used to be 20 years ago. Now we can basically do what we feel is appropriate in terms of marketing and we know our market better than they do.”

“At the Chamber, we get a number of people contacting us on a number of places and locations that they can stay. We like to be able to refer them to quality hotels and this one happens to be one of the best ones that we have. The ability to have this here in a resort area that also has grocery stores next to it, entertainment next to it, restaurants, all of those things I think are just going to benefit the Country Village in general.”

The owners say the restructuring allowed for some cost cutting measures that they plan to pass down to it’s customers.