NMU School of Art & Design students and faculty highlighted in art shows

MARQUETTE — Northern Michigan University’s DeVos Art Museum has begun the spring semester with a pair of simultaneous shows highlighting the talent of students and staff.

One of the shows is called ‘Art Lab 3’. It shows off pieces created by NMU School of Art & Design students who applied during the fall semester for the right to appear. Some of the pieces were course–driven work, while students made others in their spare time.

“This gallery space is split up into five small exhibition spaces, so there wasn’t a lot of pressure to fill an entire huge gallery,” DeVos Art Museum director and curator Melissa Matuscak said. “We have five individual shows on display, and we’ll switch them out now through early March.”

The School of Art & Design Faculty Biennial Exhibition is also going on at the museum. That show opened on Monday. It displays the work of 23 faculty members who instruct in a variety of areas.

“We know them as professors and mentors, but they’re also working artists, so this is a chance to see what they’re really passionate about as far as making artwork,” Matuscak said.

The museum is holding opening receptions for both shows right now. The receptions both last until 8:00. Admission is free and refreshments are being served.