New U.P. Health System C.O.O. excited for improved care, customer service

U.P. Health System – Marquette has a new Chief Operations Officer.

ABC 10 sat down with him Friday afternoon to talk about what he hopes to accomplish with the hospital.

His name is Jeff Perry and he comes with a wide swath of experience. He’s a former army nurse and has served as C.O.O. at Legacy Community Health Services in Texas and the Oklahoma State University Medical Center in Tulsa.

He was drawn to U.P. Health System by the opportunity to help the fledgling brand expand across the region.

“We don’t want any patient to have to leave the Upper Peninsula,” Perry said. “We actually want to provide a service that draws patients into the Upper Peninsula, to U.P. Health System. [I’m] making many initiatives, from our quality to our customer service, to be top notch.”

Perry is also playing a role in planning the new hospital. Right now he is gathering input from department managers, physicians and even patients to ensure care at the new facility is optimal.

“That input, together, we put into play to develop to overall architecture plan for the new hospital,” Perry said. “Right now we’re in that phase of getting that maximum level of input. We want [the people] to be proud of this hospital. We want them to say, ‘That’s my hospital.'”

Perry stressed his commitment to improved customer service and care and is excited to start working toward those efforts.