New art exhibits open at the Marquette Arts and Culture Center

MARQUETTE — Those looking to get away from the cold with an indoor activity have an opportunity to see two new exhibits at the Marquette Arts and Culture Center.

This year’s first exhibit in the center’s main gallery is entitled “Mud, Myth, and Matter.” It’s a collection of paintings, pottery, masks, and other sculptures by Martha Fotopulos, Mary Ann Kublin, Allison Kublin, and Paula Kiesling. The works cross over artistic mediums to present a unique atmosphere to visitors.

“I think all of the work really brings the viewer to someplace,” center community services manager Tiina Harris said. “A lot of it’s not representational, so you’re not looking at a landscape, but you’re looking into a different world — the artist’s world — and I think that’s very magical.”

The adjacent Smallworks Gallery is hosting a collection of works by Sophia Thomas, a recent NMU Human Centered Design graduate who explores the intersection of art, technology, and the human experience. One of her works is a table setting with a special twist.

“The concept was actually taken from a dinner party conversation, where she recorded the conversation, and all the intonations are actually the design on the plates. So everything that she made, whether it’s a cabinet, or a wall hanging, or a dinner plate setting, has a concept behind it,” said Harris.

The artists will be present at the Marquette Arts and Culture Center for an artist reception Thursday night. The reception kicks off at 6:00 p.m. and features music by the band Sparrow Tree. The two exhibits will run until January 31st.