Remote car starters make winter driving more convenient

NEGAUNEE — These chilly temperatures have many people dreading heading outdoors. So many are turning to alternative methods to keep warm as they head to work or out to shop, eat and play. Becoming more and more popular are remote car starters. There are different makes and models but the main purpose is practicality and convenience. But with U.P. winters, the comfort, warmth they provide is not lost on those who have treated themselves to the winter luxury.

“So I got a remote starter so I am not running outside in the morning because it is cold and so my car will be nice and defrosted when I get in, that’s always nice. It was awesome, sweet warm car,” said Holli Stimace, Sales Consultant, Driven, Sound & Security

And with today’s technology these remote starters are getting smarter and even more convenient, with the latest of high tech automation at your fingertips.

“We do have the capability to connect it to your cell phone so you can use your cell phone to start your car, lock and unlock it and check the temperature inside of it . It’s nice to come out to a warm car but I have a 2–way paging system so when it does start up it actually pages the remote, so if I can’t see my car I know it’s up and running and I can check the temperature inside of it and I know when it is good to go,” said Jeremy Lambertson, Owner, Driven Sound & Security.

Remote car starters take a few hours to install and run anywhere from three to five hundred dollars. They also have a run time of about 20 minutes so if you do start your car and can’t get out the door, it will shut off automatically.