Children’s Museum gives kids a chance to party on New Year’s Eve

MARQUETTE — A new year is almost here. The turn of the calendar to 2015 is a time to celebrate, and you don’t have to be an adult to go out and do it.

The Upper Peninsula Children’s Museum is giving young people a chance to mark the occasion with its 16th annual Elementary Ball.

Museum staff already have New Year’s Eve party favors ready. They were busy preparing today for a full house of kids on Wednesday night.

“We want the chaperones to come in and have fun,” U.P. Children’s Museum education coordinator Jim Edwards said. “We’ll be wall-to-wall, shoulder-to-shoulder people. We’ll have dancing and a DJ and flashing lights and lots of snacks and lots of treats to give away, and noisemakers — lots of noisemakers.”

The Elementary Ball gets underway at 5:30 p.m. at the museum in Marquette. It wraps up with a ball drop at 7:30 in the museum’s courtyard.

“It’s a great time for the kids to come and have their New Year’s Eve early in the evening,” Edwards said. “What we’ve found is, they like to dress up. They like to come in and have fun, then they can forgive their parents for wanting to stay up until midnight.”

The ball costs $4 per child, and parents can attend for free.