Superior Health Foundation looking for nonprofits that want health grants

MARQUETTE — The charitable arm of U.P. Health System Marquette wants to hear from nonprofit groups looking for funding for health-related projects.

The Superior Health Foundation will award about $320,000 in grant money next year. The foundation knows that the region has many health needs that should be addressed, so winning projects can cover a broad range of areas.

“Our committee and our board is really committed to looking at projects that can be sustainable after a year or two, projects that reach a regional base,” Superior Health Foundation executive director Jim LaJoie said. “(In this case,) ‘regional’ means the entire Upper Peninsula.”

Most of the $320,000 will go to a proactive project. It’ll be similar to what the foundation did this year to fund the U.P. Wide Smiles oral health initiative.

“Of that 320,000, approximately 210,000 will go to that, leaving about 110,000, and that $110,000 will be split between the spring and the fall grant cycle,” LaJoie said.

That means about $55,000 will be awarded in the spring grant cycle. The deadline to apply is January 15th.

Jim LaJoie is asking nonprofit groups that want application forms and eligibility information to go to the Superior Health Foundation’s website,