Giveaway held to make sure kids have presents for Christmas

MARQUETTE — Hundreds of parents were able to do some Christmas shopping today to make sure their kids had presents under the tree.

Marquette’s St. Vincent de Paul store held its annual Christmas Giveaway Thursday.Parents were able to pick out presents, hats, gloves, and games for their children.

“It means so much to me and my family, the kids will be really grateful and every year it’s just an awesome experience,” Marquette resident and Christmas Giveaway shopper Jessica Reynolds said. “It puts smiles on kids faces that don’t have much and it’s wonderful.”

“It’s awesome to know that on Christmas morning we’ll have all those kids that can open their presents and really get what they wanted,” St. Vincent de Paul manager Stephanie Bordeaux said.

Tables were stocked full of toys and items that were donated by members of the community.

“The community has been nothing but nice and all the gifts that were given to us so we can share with everyone has been fantastic and we hope we can do it for many many years,” Bordeaux said.

St. Vincent de Paul will be closed Friday, but will re-open Saturday full of a bunch of new furniture, clothes, and other items.