A local brewery kicked off an annual fundraiser Wednesday with proceeds going to the Central Upper Peninsula Food Bank.

It’s the third year Ore Dock Brewing Company has put on Hops for Help and they’ve supported a different organization each year. The brewery released a special brew Wednesday, with 50 cents from the sale of each pint going to the food bank.

By giving proceeds to the food bank, Ore Dock is helping to bring a little Thanksgiving to those who might not get to celebrate each year.

Co-Founder and co-owner Andrea Pernsteiner said, “We do like to think that we’re family-focused here at Ore Dock, and so any opportunity that we have to reach out to some of the families that maybe don’t have as much food to go around is definitely something that we are proud to do and it’s a way to give back to the community. We’re also thankful, here at Ore Dock, for everything that we’ve been able to do over the last three years that it’s just a very small thing that we can do to give back a little bit this time of year.”

The beer in question is the Grateful Ale. It’s a pale ale with ingredients from Australia, Germany and the U.S.

Head brewer Nick VanCourt said, “The Grateful Ale, you could actually sort of call it a worldwide pale ale because it actually features ingredients from three continents. Though the ingredients are from several places, really the balance is of an American-style pale ale, so it’s a fairly hoppy beer but it does have the malt underneath to support it. The balance is for drinkability, absolutely.”

Hops for Help runs through Sunday.

Along with Ore Dock Brewing Company, you can get the Grateful Ale on tap at eight other Marquette County locations, including: Aubree’s Pizzeria & Grill, the Landmark Inn, Stucko’s Pub & Grill, Vango’s Pizza, the Portside Inn, the Up North Lodge in Gwinn, Jackson’s Pit in Negaunee, and Brogie’s Tavern in Ishpeming.